Friday, June 27, 2014

How do dancers keep themselves fit

The dancers have a lean and toned bodies. But every dancer has to supplement it with the right exercise  and diet to remain in shape, keep fit and be flexible. The dancers do cardio, yoga and pilates to keep fit. So many dance moves are originated from yoga postures. They need strength and flexibility and of course agility. A dancer cannot afford to be in a bad shape. These days few workouts stem from dance based exercises like zumba, bhangra aerobics, dancercise etc.
For diet, they  must have right amount of proteins for the muscles, calcium for the bones, have magnesium and Vitamins for the absorption of calcium. Specially Vitamin D (from the sun). The fat intake has to be low and carbohydrates minimum. Dancers need to avoid junk food. They need to have very healthy and nutritional diets

Do's and don'ts- For dancers, it is important that they do not get injured. Neither while dancing nor while working out. They must warm up properly to go into deeper stretches to prevent the muscle injury. They must wear the right shoes and attire. Their diet should be good. They should get sufficient rest. A dancer has to take care of his/her body like a temple.  They should also keep themselves hydrated.