Monday, October 17, 2016

Milonga with Los Ocampo

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

3rd Delhi International Tango festival #DITF

3rd Delhi International Tango festival is happening from 23rd- 26th February 2017. Here is the website with details. Here is the fb event page.

Maestros: Dana Jazmin Frigoli and Adrian Romeo Ferreyra
Dana Frigoli has already inspired a whole generation of Tango Lovers as dancer, teacher and choreographer. The charismatic co-founder of DNI in Buenos Aires will join us in 3rd Delhi International Tango Festival with her excellent partner Adrian Ferreyra. Students love the warmth and enthusiasm in class and get inspired by their creative performances. Invited by NDTS “ they will perform, teach classes and seminars in DNI's unique body-technique (TTC) for 4 days in the beautiful studio of Eros hotel. We are more than happy that they will be our guests! 

Check the website

Festival details

8 workshops of 90 minutes each. These will be held in the studio of Eros Hotel.
2 workshops every day from 23-26th February
23rd February 2017, Thursday. 7-8.30 pm and 8.45-10.15 pm
24th February. Friday- 1-2.30pm and 2.45-4.15 pm
Opening Milonga. 8.30 pm onwards
25th February- Saturday- 1-2.30pm and 2.45-4.15 pm
26th February- Sunday- 1-2.30pm and 2.45-4.15 pm
Grand Finale.- 26th February- Sunday- 8.30 pm in The Lounge & Bar, Eros Hotel.
Grand finale will have presentations by maestros


16 October- 15November
Rs.17000/- all inclusive for workshops for workshops and milongas
Only workshops Rs.14,000/-
Rs. 9000/- for each milonga

Rs. 19,000/- all inclusive for workshops and milonga
Only workshops Rs.16,000/-
Rs.10,000/- for each milonga

Rs. 23,000/- all inclusive for workshops for workshops and milonga
Only workshops Rs.18,000/-
Rs. 11,000/- for each milonga

Rs. 26,000/- all inclusive for workshops and milongas
Only workshops Rs.20,000/-
Rs. 12,000/- for each milonga

Venue: For workshops and Grand Finale
Eros Hotel,
Nehru Place, American Plaza, New Delhi.

Do share with friends and also confirm your presence here.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Milonga in Delhi

We had a fabulous milonga on Friday. Check more pictures here. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Special Weekend Seminars with Sebastián Pereyra and Belén Fritzler

Workshop details

These are 6 comprehensive and hand picked workshops which will be taught in continuation one after the other, in a way that together, they will form a full set and you will be able to dance and use them in a milonga.
17 June. Friday.
 7.30 pm- 8.45 pm
1. Figures and sequences of most famous Milongueros.
9 pm- 10.15 pm
2. Unique decorations/adornos for leaders and followers: how and when to use. Techniques, that will make you stand out from ordinary to special in a milonga.

18th June, Saturday
8 pm- 9.15 pm
3. Figures in speed in reduce space. This is a dilemma for both leaders and followers and this will help you dance peacefully and with confidence.
9.15pm- 10.30 pm
4. Roll of active follower and active follower. Now you will not just lead and follow but do it differently. We have many exercises and techniques that will help you accomplish this. Your dance will not be the same again.

19th June. Sunday
4-5.30 pm
 5. Vals: Creating figures from the simple to the complex. Complex figures with sacadas for both roles in Vals.
5.45- 7 pm
6.  Pure exercise to improve the technique. These exercises you take home and practice to improve your techniques. These help you to outshine.
8.30 pm onwards milonga in Zu Tisch, M block market, Greater Kailash-1

Workshop venue: NDTS- New Delhi Tango School
E-193, Greater Kailash-2

Each workshop: Rs.1500/-
6 workshops: 7800/-
Milonga: Rs.1500/-