Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Benefits of dancing Tango/

Often when you have to start a new hobby you ask yourself and your friends why or what you should start .

Even to begin a course of dance, tango and in particular , we must have strong motivations to overcome those difficulties that each new discipline to which you approach entails.

There are strong reasons to overcome the initial hardships and find the track to enjoy our new hobby : Argentine tango !

Why dance tango ?

You stay in shape by exercising.
Gives you comfort and relaxation to the mind.
Improves health by lowering cholesterol levels and improving circulation. Reduces the risk of heart stroke.
Helps us to express our personality with a sensual dance.
Helps us to meet new people and make new friends. You dance with many different people , even unknown and become more sociable.
Helps us to be free from many inhibitions.
It is fun at a reasonable cost.
It improves posture and body balance.
You can go out every night, even alone , to go dancing.
You can find a place to dance all over the world.
We learn the culture of Argentina.
It improves our musicality.
You can enjoy the benefits of a hug.
You have a good reason to leave the house and not be bored.
You can finally dress super elegant.
You can enjoy beautiful shoes.
You can speak without using words.