Thursday, March 13, 2014

When you want to dance, you - Just Dance.

In Buenos Aires, most of the old, well known and traditional milongas happen in venues where the floor is not swanky by any standards. Floor is rather old and uneven. Yet, no one complains. Everyone dances gladly. I have been a part of beach milonga and a boat milonga. In Sitges, Tango festival, there was a wet wooden floor, where people tripped and fell badly. Yet, they continued dancing. It started raining (read pouring) and it was outdoor milonga. Yet, people continued dancing. That is the level of addiction, Tangueros have. When you have to dance, you just dance and nothing stops or deters you.
In Hindi, we have a saying, "naach na jaane aangan teda". Which means, " when you do not know how to dance, you complain that the floor is uneven". In other words, to hide the lack of talent, you make excuses. Tango people are enthusiast and addict. The ones who have to dance, dance anywhere and anytime. Nothing hampers them. They never give excuses like- my partner is not good, music is not good, my shoes or clothes are not good, floor is not good, weather is not good. None of these.
But when you have to find faults, you can come up with any number of excuses. You cannot have everything perfect.