Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cabaceo- How followers get to dance with whom they want to?- Tanguera's secrets.

So much has been written about Cabaceo and how in Argentine Tango, leaders invite followers for dance through a nod of head and eye contact and followers have the prerogative to accept or decline the invite. Not much has been written for followers. If they want to dance with a particular leader, how do they make it happen?

As a follower, I have few great tips. I have traveled world over and attended milongas which had the reputation of being snob. There you got dances only if you danced really well. And I must say, I got my fair share of dances with the leaders that I wanted to dance with. And icing on the cake is that they gave me Cabaceo, when I wanted them to.

So here I am going to share few of my secrets.

First and foremost and something really important- Work on your technique. Everything else comes later. Behind one good dance in a milonga, there is hours and hours of practice, done on your own, listening to music, investing in your training, taking workshops, attending festivals, taking privates.

Next- Enter the milonga looking like a perfect Tanguera. Be a Tanguera 24/7. Right from the moment you leave your doorstep, to the time you enter the milonaga. A Tanguera is perfectly dressed (always), each hair in its place and toe nails painted. Work on yourself. Your fitness, your attire, the way you smell, the way you walk, what you wear (specially those beautiful dresses and your Tango heels), how you wear, everything matters.

Last but not the least- In a milonga, show your eagerness to dance. If you sit crouching in one corner, fiddling with your mobile, scowling, I guarantee, you will not get your dances. In fact, if you really want to sit and rest your feet and not be asked for a dance, take off your heels and rest your bare feet on a chair in front. This clearly indicates that you do not want to be asked for a dance and that you are resting.
But if you want to be asked for a dance, then, sit with your back straight (this depicts your eagerness and willingness to get up and dance), observe whom you want to dance with next, continue to look at him (Hey! do not stare), and when your eyes meet, smile (very tiny smile from the corner of your lips- not a big wide grin), let your eyes talk (engage. Do not look away or look down) and you will get a cabaceo. He will come and ask you for a dance.

Now is the time to get up and enjoy the dance that you have been wanting to. Go and flow.