Monday, January 13, 2014

Tango Delhi

" I love the sadness, the melancholy, the drama, the passion and the yearning in tango music and I seek to express that in my dancing. Tango is a complete world of emotions, many of which stay invisible for the observers, but are clearly shared between the people dancing it. Watching tango is not the same as dancing it: It's like watching an ice cream cone with it's beautiful colors versus eating the ice cream and being able to appreciate it for its essence. That's why, if you were ever interested in tango, don't just admire it - do it! What we do in shows is quite far away from how we dance on the social dance floor. The first is for athletes, the second is for everybody. Everybody who can hug, can tango. :)"
- Vanja Modzelewski

Tango in New Delhi.

New Delhi Tango School 

NDTS- New Delhi Tango School has 2 groups- Every Saturday and Sunday.
Saturday- 6.00 PM- 7.30 PM
Practilonga every Saturday- 7.30 PM onwards.
Sunday- 4.00PM- 5.30PM.
Please email or call if you are interested to join the class.
The monthly fee for class is Rs.4000/- (4 classes).
Pay per class: Rs. 1300/-
Practilonga: Rs. 800/- for each practilonga. 
Class +practilonga monthly charges= Rs. 6000/-
Pay per class+practilonga=1800/-
(Buy 10 practilongas for Rs. 6000/-)
Book a private for Rs. 3000/- per hour. (package of 10 for Rs. 25,000/-)

Our Milonga is called milonga de mis amores. Its information can be read here.

Please confirm your participation by mailing me at or dropping a message on fb.

Our group pictures.

Millions of people dance Tango. One in thousands can do two things- play a Tango instrument/live and dance Tango as well. In my first group, I have that one in thousand person. She can play Tango songs on piano and dance Tango too. An asset to have her. And we have a designer to design our Tango outfits.
We also have a salsa king.

I am wearing:
Ballerina ear rings and pendant. Bought in US.
Head band which says, dance: Gift from sister
Tango Tshirt: Bought in Buenos Aires
Jacket: Bought in Buenos Aires
Shoes: Bought in Barcelona
Watch: Michael Kors: Bought in US
Socks: The sock shop: Bought in UK
Jeans: Espirit


I am looking forward to start teaching the first group of Argentine Tango classes in New DelhiI am excited about starting this first class ofArgentine Tango. Right now I have a vision for this first group. Couple of years down the line, people who are part of this first class will be proud that they were a part of this first class. I have plans to make Argentine Tango grow exponentially in Delhi/ India. Couple of years from now, probably these students, who will be part of my first group, will be teaching Tango to others groups. But this group will always remain dear and close to my heart because we started together. Gear up Delhi. Lets start our journey together.

Argentine Tango Classes in Delhi

Kiran Sawhney, first professionally trained Tango teacher in Delhi/India- Experience in Tango

Traveled all over the world, attended various Tango festivals, classes, practicas and milongas in UK, Tokyo, Spain, Paris, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, New York and Buenos Aires, in pursuit for Tango. Learnt from the best Tango teachers in the world. Studied (Tango teacher training program) and apprenticed with master teacher, Daniel Trenner, who is pioneer for bringing Tango to US and has trained some of World's best Tango teachers. 

Our Tango blog is listed here and also here

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What Do I Need For My First Tango Class?

Here’s what you need for your first class!

You’ll be exerting yourself a bit, so be sure to stay hydrated!

Breath mints
Tango dancer’s necessity! But don’t worry; we have plenty on hand in case you forget.

Comfortable shoes for dancing
Leather soles preferred! Both for men and women. No heels to start with. You can also get by in sneakers like Converses, sketchers or Toms shoes.

Clothes to dance in
Wear whatever makes you feel wonderful and connected. Nice, casual. Choose clothes that give you freedom to move your legs, no pencil skirts.

A rose, for your teeth
Ha-ha - just kidding!

What about a partner? Do I need a partner???
You’ll meet friends and dance partners in class, so you are welcome to come solo, and you’re also free to bring a partner or a friend or two! Either way is perfect.

Five minutes and Rs. 4000/-
The last thing you need is 5 minutes to sign up for a 5:30 pm class, which costs Rs. 4000/- for 4 weeks. We have 16 classes of Fundamental programs, starting on 9th February. Within the first month, you will be doing practicas, practilongas and at the end of 16 classes, you will be comfortable attending the milongas. Sign up for a Weekend Boot camp.
Will be announcing discounts for students committing to sign up for 16 classes.

Ready for your First Tango Class?
Do it! Go!

I view Argentine Tango as a physical expression of the pain, the passion, and the life. It is a non-verbal language, to express oneself in new ways. It is a wonder drug that makes you younger, sexier, more philosophical, and more of who you really are. It is a way of life. Its strength lies in its complex simplicity. It is like a natural crystal. To see it clearly, you need to explore it from its all sides, Every time you see and uncover a new layer. The simplicity lends itself to layer upon layer of meaning. There is longing, yearning, desire and escape in it. Each person brings their own light and darkness with them, and each looks to finds their place in tango. And we all work to make our peace with the dance. It may be a constant struggle. Like any good fight, though, it's worth it. There are moments of transcendence, of desire, fulfilled, of finding oneself lost in another's arms. That is the power of this dance.