Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Give a Valentine gift of Tango session to your loved one

This Valentines, give your special someone
A gift they'll remember - and enjoy - for years for come.

Give them an Argentine tango lesson!

Valentines day is a day to show your love and passion for someone. What better way than through the passionate, elegant and joyful dance of Argentine tango?

Book a 90-minute lesson for your loved one and you, where you will learn the basic movements of tango.

By the end of the lesson you will be able to enjoy tangoing together, including walking, turning corners, follower decoration and more. Suitable for complete beginners. (If you already have some experience with tango dancing, more advanced material can be covered in your lesson.)

The lesson will be relaxed and fun with the focus on helping you enjoy this timeless and romantic dance together.

Total cost: Rs. 2500/-

Want a picture taken to help you remember the occasion? Then have a mini photo session right after your lesson!
Get 3 professionally taken pictures of you and your partner in a tango embrace. Includes guidance on posesand a complementary bouquet of red roses!

To arrange for a session, after 6th February, email me at
Sessions will be held at
NDTS- New Delhi Tango School
E-193, Greater Kailash- II,
New Delhi.

You can also book lessons for private classes or for wedding (Tango) dance choreography.